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    ACLU - The American Civil Liberties Union
    Lawyers protecting your civil rights: free speech, reproductive rights, youth issues, race issues, etc.

    ACT UP - AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power
    A grass-roots direct action organization fighting AIDS. See also ACTUP NY.
    Choice USA
    As a national pro-choice organization, Choice USA gives young women the tools they need to organize, network, and exchange ideas to build a youth-centered pro-choice movement.
    CPS - The Coalition for Positive Sexuality
    Sex Education for Teens - we brought you this page.

    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    A non-profit civil liberties public interest organization working to protect freedom of expression, privacy, and access to on-line resources and information.

    The Feminist Majority Online
    A comprehensive array of information on all aspects of women's issues.
    Harass the People In-Charge
    Website that provides information on current issues and legislation, plus links to the decision-makers that need to hear your opinions. Working Assets is a progressive organization that's working to make it easier for people to make it easier for people to get involved in social change.

    Lesbian Avengers
    The Lesbian Avengers are a direct-action group focused on issues vital to lesbian survival and visibility. We don't know if any chapters are active but they have a handbook for starting your own.

    Men Can Stop Rape
    Men working together with women to stop sexual violence.

    NARAL - National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League
    A Pro-choice non-profit, independent, political and educational organization.

    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
    Washington D.C. based advocacy group for Gays and Lesbians.

    NOW - The National Organization for Women
    Our organizational purpose is to "bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW.

    Peacefire Censorware Pages
    Info on net censorship and blocking software PLUS learn how to disable the software!
    Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
    Abortion rights group formed by clergy and lay leaders from many religions. Check out their teen group: Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom.


    AIDS Information
    A wealth of information from the Queer Resources Directory.

    The Body
    The Body is a multimedia health information resource, somatic, mental and spiritual. It disseminates information relevant to HIV and AIDS.

    CDC National HIV/AIDS Fact Sheets
    Information from the Centers for Disease Control.

    A Girl's Guide to Condoms
    It's just what it says it is (and girls only please!).

    NIAID - AIDS information
    Information from the gopher server of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

    Project Inform
    AIDS treatment information.

    birth control

    Back Up Your Birth Control
    This website is devoted to promoting information about Emergency Contraception (EC). You can download their EC Campaign Toolkit, fact sheets, posters, and more.
    Offers accurate info on prescription and over-the-counter medication and side-effects, including Yaz birth control pills. Visit the Yaz lawsuit page on Drugwatch.com to learn more information about your legal rights. DrugWatch.com is sponsored by a law firm.
    Emergency Contraception Help
    Great information about getting Plan B emergency contraception from the drugstore. Helps teens find a youth-friendly drugstore in your area for Plan B, condoms, and other sexual health needs.
    Information Just for Teens
    The Teenwire is a website for teens from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Click on Birth Control Choices in the "Do" column.
    Mexican Family Planning Association
    They provide information on birth control and emergency contraception available in Mexico.

    Planned Parenthood's Birth Control Information
    Brought to you by the most excellent and useful organization: Planned Parenthood!

    books, education & statistics

    BeyondMedia works with youth to tell their stories and organize for social justice through the creation and distribution of media arts. Check out their DVD "HIV: Hey It's Viral!"
    Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
    Lots of good information and statistics for those book reports!
    Hesperian is a non-profit publisher of books and newsletters for community-based health care. They produce books on health and the environment, disabilities, poisons, HIV/AIDS, and more; available in many languages and formats. Some free downloads.
    Our Bodies Ourselves
    DIY (before everyone was DIYing) women and teen health books created by the Boston Women's Health Book Collective.
    The Sexuality Info & Education Council of the U.S. believes in honest, comprehensive sex education. They produce great fact sheets and classroom materials.
    Teen Voices Magazine
    Teen Voices is the premier magazine, written by teen women for teen women, that covers real issues related to young women's social and economic development.


    gay lesbian bi & transgender

    A kinda gayboy/teenage grrl oriented WWW zine (named after Blair Warner from the facts of life, duh).

    Family Equality Council
    Supporting and protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered parents and their families.

    GIRL is a private unmoderated discussion list for and about girls, grrrls, young women, lesbian, queer-girl and feminist youth, "babydykes" and "young and angrys". To subscribe, send a brief bio including your age, interest in the list, and your background to girl@uci.edu
    GLBT World
    This gateway website is filled with the best informational and support resources for members of the GLBT community.
    GLBT National Youth Talkline
    One-on-One Online private peer-support chat. Good if you can't use the phone in private or just prefer chat.
    History of Gay Love
    The Androphile Project is an educational gay website, or: "a comprehensive survey of male love over the centuries, weaving together ancient art, mythology, and the history of 'gay' love into a coherent whole."
    Lesbian Wellness Project
    This site includes a range of physical, emotional and social information for lesbian, queer and questioning women. The Well Project’s mission is to reduce the total human cost of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through a unique and comprehensive focus on women. 


    A site specifically for the lesbian community of Costa Rica.  It includes sex education, poetry, forums, book recommendations, and more...all in Spanish!

    PFLAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays) promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through support, education, and advocacy. Useful info on website and local chapters all over the US.

    Planet Out
    Online community of Gay Lesbian Bi and Trans people.

    Queer Resources Directory
    The Queer Resources Directory is a massive archive of files about everything queer.

    North American Syringe Exchange Network
    This site includes a handful of links to websites for needle exchange across the country.

    Useful E-Commerce

    The original condom store now online with tons of info as well as tons of latex.

    Condom Country
    Home to the largest assortment of condoms and other below-the-belt-buck'l items on the Web.

    Condom Sense
    The Web's first Discount Condom WWWarehouse.

    Good Vibrations
    Sex positive and feminist vender of sex toys and books.
    A sex information and sex toy site specifically for women (and their lovers).

    sex & sexuality

    Advocates For Youth
    Legal information and advocacy for teen's sexual rights. Great fact sheets for those book reports!
    alt.sex FAQ
    Alt.sex is a newsgroup dealing in human sexuality. Discussions on alt.sex are often frank and honest, and the language used on alt.sex is reflected in this FAQ.

    Gender and Sexuality
    A section of the English Server that publishes texts which discuss sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality in cultural practices.

    Go Ask Alice! about Sexual Health & Relationships
    Go Ask Alice! is an interactive feature of Columbia University's Health Education Program
    The Safer Sex Page
    This is the largest archive of information on safe sex information on the World Wide Web.

    Underground Guide To Teen Sexuality
    Another great site providing positive information about sex and sexuality to teens.

    Yahoo Sex
    A list of sex related internet sites from Yahoo.


    Fact sheet on STDs
    From the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases FAQ
    Detailed descriptions of symptoms and treatments from the alt.sex FAQ.
    teen parenting
    Girl Mom
    Online magazine by and for teen moms. From the folks at Hip Mama.
    National Advocates for Pregnant Women
    Legal group that supports the rights of all pregnant women, especially women of color, low-income women, and women who use drugs.
    Teen Pregnancy Support Group Forum
    An online forum for pregnant teens, family members and friends dedicated to working with teen pregnancy & parenting.



    National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    Dedicated to the elimination of personal and societal violence in the lives of women and their children.

    Love is Respect
    Information and helpline to empower youth to build lives and communities free from domestic and dating violence. Project of the Break the Cycle organization.
    Sexual Assault Resources Page
    Links to sexual assault resources and organizations all over the US provided by the Feminist Majority Foundation.
    Texting Harassment
    That's Not Cool is a website for teens concerned about harassment through texting.

    women's healthcare

    Abortion Clinics Online
    Lists abortion clinics around the US and in other countries. Clínicas de Aborto En Línea es un servicio directorio que consta de los sitios web de más de 400 proveedores de servicios de aborto y otros servicios de la salud reproductiva.

    Alan Guttmacher Institute
    This organizations website is focused on reproductive health research, policy analysis and public education. If you're writing a book report on teen pregnancy, birth control use or abortion rights, this site is for you.

    American Pregnancy Association
    National health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness.  They also give detailed info about abortion types, side effects, follow-up, and relevant state laws.
    Birds & Bees Project 
    A project of Pro-Choice Resources Organization, they provide empowering, factual information on birth control, abortion, adoption, and STIs for teens. Specific info for teens in Minnesota.
    Emergency Contraception Online
    Information about the morning-after-pill and where you can get it in your area. Remember that you have up to 5 days after unprotected sex to take the pill!
    Go Ask Alice! about Sexual Health & Relationships
    Go Ask Alice! is an interactive feature of Columbia University's Health Education Program

    National Abortion Federation
    Information on abortion procedures, laws and access. Maps and links to help you find an abortion provider in the US and Canada.

    National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
    Social justice organization dedicated to protecting reproductive rights for Latinas.  Their website includes fact sheets and links to abortion clinics in English and Español.
    National Network of Abortion Funds
    A network of small organizations in the US that help women needing financial aid to pay for an abortion.  Information in English and Español.
    Planned Parenthood
    Detailed information about birth control, pregnancy, abortion, and other aspects of women's reproductive healthcare. Also check out their "teen friendly" site.
    Women on Waves
    International organization that provides medical abortions (RU486) to women in countries where abortion is illegal. Their website includes information on how to get an abortion and abortion laws and services in many countries.



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