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Guess What?:
Some girls like other girls!

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There's a lot of pressure to be cool and to fit in.

Has anyone ever tried one of these dumb lines on you?

"But everybody's doing it."

"You say no, but I know you really want it."

"You're not really gay. You haven't met the right girl yet."

"You mean you're still a virgin?!"

"You can't have sex during your period. It's gross."

"What's the matter? Are you a lezzie or something?"

"What do you mean, NO? We had sex last time."

"Bisexuals are just confused."

"I was drunk so it didn't really matter."

"If you love me, you'll do it."

Be Yourself!

It's hard to be different from your friends, or to make different choices. But what your friends choose to do may not be what you want. Whether you call yourself lesbian, straight, bisexual, or gay, people are more complicated than these categories and more interesting than those lines.

If you think you might be queer, relax! Everyone has questions about their sexuality at some time or other, and exploring your sexual feelings is important and exciting. If you're not sure if you're bisexual, lesbian, straight, transgender, or gay, just stay tuned to your sexual feelings and see what they tell you. You don't even have to decide on a label to call yourself. You can make up your own name for your sexuality. Your sexuality is totally unique to you, and it's yours to ENJOY, not to worry about!

If you think you are queer, try to find a lesbian/bisexual/gay/transgender community center near you, where you can meet other queers your age. Check in the Resources section for places to call. Take some time deciding if or when you want to "come out" (tell people that you're queer). Be proud of who you are!


Everyone is endangered by violence, but some people are targets just because of who they are. Just as harassing people for their skin color or religion is bullshit, so is attacking women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or people with AIDS. If you have a problem with people who are different from you -- gay, straight, with AIDS, or whatever -- get over it! Give respect, and demand respect from other people.

Physical assault is beating, hitting, kicking, or otherwise hurting someone. Nobody has the right to assault you -- not even your parents or the person you date.

Queer-bashing is when someone physically or verbally assaults you because they think you're trangender, lesbian, bisexual, or gay.

Rape is when anyone is forced to have sex when they have not agreed to. When you hear no, that means no. Date Rape or Acquaintance Rape is when anyone is forced to have sex with someone they know (and often, trust).

Abusive Incest is when anyone is forced to have sex with a family member. This happens most often to young people, who are told to keep quiet about it.

Sexual harassment -- unwanted comments, whistles, sexual gestures, or touching -- is also violence.

if you are a victim

What do you do if you are a victim of assault, queer-bashing, rape, abusive incest, or harassment?
  1. Tell someone you trust.

  2. Get help. There are several groups listed in the Resources that can help you. If you've been raped, assaulted, queer-bashed, or sexually harassed, call one of these groups before you call the police, if you can.

  3. Remember that it is not your fault. You did not ask for it, you do not deserve it, and you have a right to respect. If you want to, press charges or file a report with the police.

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