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You can get HIV and STDs even if you're not having intercourse. It can't hurt to cover all the bases -- with latex, that is!

plastic wrap

dental dam

If you're going to be licking your partner's vulva and clit (eating out), use a piece of plastic wrap to be safe. Yes! All you need is some plastic-wrap, or a condom cut down the side and laid flat. Be sure to cover the entire crotch. You could put some honey or jam on your side of the plastic wrap and just eat away! Also, putting some lube on the other side of the plastic wrap may make it even more fun for her. But never flip the plastic over while you're eating out. If you're going to move from one partner to another or from butthole to vulva, use a new piece.

It's especially important to use plastic wrap if your partner is having her period. Menstrual blood can carry HIV and STDs.

If you're going to be licking your partner's butthole (rimming), cover it with plastic wrap too. This keeps you safe from harmful bacteria and STD's. A dental dam is a square piece of latex that you can use just like plastic wrap. You can get dental dams at condom stores, dentists offices, and some drugstores.

latex gloves

Putting your fingers or fist in your partner's vagina or butthole (finger fucking or fisting) is safe as long as you don't have cuts or sores on your hands and your partner is not on her period. The safest way to do it is to wear a latex surgical glove (not a dishwashing glove) and use lots of water-based lube. You can get latex surgical gloves at the drugstore.

You can still safely do almost everything else that turns you on -- kissing, stroking, massaging, grinding . . .

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it can't hurt to cover all the bases -- with latex, that is!

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