AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is when your body's immune system has been weakened by HIV and is unable to fight off certain infections and diseases. See Safe Sex for more information.

BDSM is a combination of three terms: BD (Bondage & Discipline), DS (Dominance & Submission), and SM (Sadism & Masochism). BDSM includes a wide range of activities involving safe, sane, consensual playing with erotic power. BDSM is NOT about abuse. Everyone involved understands and plays by the rules.

bi (bisexual)* people feel sexual and/or romantic attraction to people of any sex.

the clit (clitoris) is the main sexual pleasure spot for women. To find your clitoris, feel inside the top of your crotch for a button-like thing. Rubbing or licking the clit gives women pleasure, and makes the clit hard. In fact this is the main way most women cum.

consent (consensual sex) is when all partners say "yes" to having sex and mean it. Everyone agrees on what they're going to do, and anyone can make it stop. Saying "no" or saying nothing at all is not consent.

cumming (orgasm) is the extreme feeling of pleasure during sex. Both women and men are able to have orgasms.

gay (homosexual)* men feel sexual and/or romantic attraction mostly to other men.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus thought to cause AIDS. HIV+ (HIV POSITIVE) means that your blood shows signs of HIV as detected by a lab test. See AIDS and HIV Testing.

intercourse is when something (a dick, finger, dildo, cucumber, whatever) penetrates your butt, which is ANAL SEX, or your vagina, which is VAGINAL SEX. Both women and men can enjoy anal intercourse.

lesbian (homosexual)* women feel sexual and/or romantic attraction mostly to other women.

masturbation is getting off by touching yourself.

oral sex is licking, sucking, biting (not too hard, please!) your partner's thang.

STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are diseases you can get when you have certain types of sex without using protection. See Safe Sex and STDs for more information.

straight (heterosexual)* people feel sexual and/or romantic attraction mostly to people of the other sex.

transgender is a term that includes people who act and dress in ways usually associated with the other gender. Transgender people can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or whatever.

* remember these are just words that we use to identify ourselves or others. Our sexualities are more complicated than these words, and we can decide if we want to use them, make up our own words, or use no words at all.

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