Abortion = Murder!

CPS's mission is to provide information, not to engage in debate about abortion or other issues. There are many Internet resources available for this type of discussion through the Usenet groups and possibly on IRC channels.

CPS is a pro-choice organization. To us that means that however difficult the decision and the moral calculations leading to an abortion may be, the choice must be available to every woman.

We give young people factual information about abortion so that they can make their own informed decisions. We don't go into the emotions one may or may not experience if they choose to get an abortion, partly because these are going to be different for every individual, and partly because we try to avoid forcing one or another moral stance about this issue on young people as a whole. Since abortion is safe and legal in this country, our goal is to advise young people about their right to choose abortion and what the procedure entails practically. The point is that abortion is an individual choice, and must remain so.

My Body My Right.

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