Here are the questions we get asked most often with links to the answers.

  • Could I be pregnant?
  • Can I get HIV/AIDS from Oral Sex?
  • Can I get HIV/AIDS from Kissing?
  • Can I get HIV/AIDS if we are both Virgins?
  • Is it OK to masturbate? How much is OK?
  • How do I know if I'm gay/lesbian/bisexual?
  • I heard that Condoms aren't reliable, why do you recomend them?
  • Why do you encourage sex without Love?
  • I'm doing a report and need some information ...
  • Please give me some statistics on ...
  • How can I get a copy of Just Say Yes?
  • Can I work for CPS?
  • But the only safe sex is no sex!
  • But Abortion = Murder!
  • But what you teach is Sinful!

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