You have the right to complete and honest sex education. Demand information from your school, healthcare provider and parents.

We have a quick and easy online tour through the most important topics for teens who are sexually active now or just thinking about having sex. It's called "Just Say Yes" (en español: "¡Di Que Sí!") because we're tired of people telling us what we can and can't do. There's no preaching. No moralizing. Just the facts.

Find the answers to those questions and more. We also have a forum for teens to talk about sex with each other: Let's Talk! And lots of links to other places where you can get more information and support: Resources.

Lots of people want to know more about who we are and why we do this. And some people want to know how they can help us. Everything you always wanted to know about CPS is right here on our website: About Us.  You can also contact us with questions or information for our organization, but this is not a help-line! If you have questions about sex or pregnancy, look for the answer on our site or post your question on our forum.


en español:
¡Di Que Sí!

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